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Custom Window Treatments

Drapes • Valances • Shades • Hardware

Your Custom Window Treatments will be professionally designed and made by experienced artisans and craftsmen.



Custom Window Treatments enhance the look of a room making it look and feel finished. Along with adding style, they are beneficial in several ways.

  • Control Lighting
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Add Privacy
  • Offer Furniture + Flooring Protection
  • Add Value to a Home or Business
  • Promote Wellness and Relaxation


Window Treatment Styles

Drapes and Curtains are often used interchangeably but are different. Drapes are the most popular choice in styling windows and typically have pleated tops to create a 'draping' effect in folds and move across a rod to an open or closed position with a baton or traverse rod.

Curtains have a rod pocket sleeve at the top for a rod to slide into and are not intended to be moved like drapes. Curtains do not have pleats, remain fixed on the rod and can be tied back.

• Tailored Pleat is a pinch pleat style that is slightly structured yet effortless looking with a waterfall pleat.

• Pinch Pleat creates a unique silhouette for a modern, relaxed look that creates simple elegance in a space.

• Grommets create a deeper fold that works well with modern interiors.

• Goblet Pleat can be soft to structured and vary in heights and stiffness. This style of pleat is timeless and leans classic.

Valances and Cornices are also known as top treatments and can be designed to compliment any style of room, from sophisticated to casual. Both serve similar functionality such as light blocking, concealing hardware and creating clean lines in a space.

Valances are made with loose fabric, such as a scalloped or pleated style. They can be soft, rod-mounted or more tailored which is usually board-mounted. They are often layered to compliment other window treatments such as panels or shades. Valances can also be a la carte to accent the top of a window.

Cornices typically lean more modern with a boxy design and can be used with the same or complimentary fabric as the panels or shades underneath.

The Process is Seamless


We meet to discover your tastes and lifestyle to determine the perfect style, fabrics and trims to compliment your space, window requirements and needs of the room.


We design a custom window treatment, present material + hardware selections and schedule a measure with a professional installer.


Our experienced workroom will install your beautifully crafted window treatments that you will fall in love with day in and day out!

Ready to Get Started?

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